Walking In A Wensleydale Wonderland

Welcome, one and all, to 2018! Work and weather have prevented me from getting out and about as much as I would have liked over the winter months, but with a snow-bound day off, I couldn't resist taking a stroll with the camera. I set off at about 09.00 with the sun barely cresting the … Continue reading Walking In A Wensleydale Wonderland


A Knee In The Howgills

The term "rolling hills" could have been coined with the Howgill Fells in mind. Driving along the A684 towards Sedbergh I could see them rising above the town, a collection of deceptively gentle-looking slopes covered in verdant greenery. Parking in a pay and display car park at one end of the high street, I followed … Continue reading A Knee In The Howgills

Aysgarth Falls and Village Fete

The trouble with trying to maintain a blog of this nature is that, sometimes, real life decides to get in the way. Various work and social commitments had left me with no time for getting out and about during most of July and August and so I seized the first chance that presented itself to … Continue reading Aysgarth Falls and Village Fete

The Artist At Work

I had just come back from being the Best Man at my first wedding. The location was beautiful - a castle-cum-hotel just south of Edinburgh - and the drive across the border had some of the most stunning scenery I had seen. If only I had taken my camera. You see, shortly before the wedding, … Continue reading The Artist At Work

Into The Woods

When I was younger, my mother would take me and my sister on walks through the woods of Harrow Weald Common. I enjoyed it for two reasons. The first was the sense of adventure that came from exploring the twisting paths and tracks and looking for birds and squirrels in the trees. And the second … Continue reading Into The Woods

A Crayfish Called Kevin

Driving to the top of Bishopdale along the narrow, winding road is not my favourite experience. After looking out over fields and barns and farm buildings, the walls and hedges close round and you're left with just the road ahead to look at. Eventually the road takes a steep climb that seems neverending until, engine … Continue reading A Crayfish Called Kevin

Searching For The Ingleborough Giant

It was a two word legend over a low spur of Inglebrough on an OS map (OS Explorer OL2) that caught my eye. It said 'Giant's Grave' and I went online to look up information on any legends of giants associated with Ingleborough, second-highest peak in North Yorkshire and one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. … Continue reading Searching For The Ingleborough Giant

Christmas Trees in May

It was our second Christmas in the house in Thoralby and the snow was on the ground. The parents and I decided to go for a short walk 'over the top' from Thoralby into Walden and back via West Burton. Back then the plantation that we walked through was a small forest of conifers and … Continue reading Christmas Trees in May

Bullocks, Bunnies and Bluebells – Part 3

Despite my run-in with the bullocks, I was glad I had come along this route. The views of the river Ure were lovely and there was an abundance of water fowl on, in and around the water. There were more clouds in the sky by now and so my photos were looking better - a … Continue reading Bullocks, Bunnies and Bluebells – Part 3

Bullocks, Bunnies and Bluebells – Part 2

With the rabbits playing hide-and-seek and the day not getting any cooler, I moved on from the warren and followed the path over boggy ground towards the west end of the dale. In one place a wooden walkway had been laid down and I could see why; the mud beneath looked as though it had … Continue reading Bullocks, Bunnies and Bluebells – Part 2