Unfinished Business

In anĀ earlier blog, I related my aborted first attempt to climb to the summit of Winder, the lowest of the Howgill Fells above the town of Sedbergh. Apart from the myriad footpaths leading up onto the fells, the town is also home to several second-hand bookshops and so I needed little excuse for a return … Continue reading Unfinished Business


Out In The Streets

Whitby Goth Festival was my first foray into street photography and the bug had well and truly bitten. That said, I was nervous about going out and around my local towns with a camera. What if people recognised me; what if they wanted to know what I was doing; oh god, what if they wanted … Continue reading Out In The Streets

When Knights Were Bold

With so many wayward farmers and villagers scattered over miles of difficult terrain, exposed to the full force of the English weather, it's small wonder that there are so many medieval churches, chapels and abbeys in the area. In a time when religion played a dominant role in people's lives, the farmers and villagers would … Continue reading When Knights Were Bold

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

I had never been to Whitby Goth Weekend before and I will admit that I wasn't entirely sure what to expect; besides people dressed in strange outfits, I mean. On this outing I was accompanied by a couple of friends, Vanessa Barkley and Guy Carpenter, both of whom had been to the weekend before. Guy … Continue reading Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

A Knee In The Howgills

The term "rolling hills" could have been coined with the Howgill Fells in mind. Driving along the A684 towards Sedbergh I could see them rising above the town, a collection of deceptively gentle-looking slopes covered in verdant greenery. Parking in a pay and display car park at one end of the high street, I followed … Continue reading A Knee In The Howgills